Chemistry vs. bacteria, # 58. Natural medicines

In the search for new antibiotics, the so-called ‘natural’ medicines come into the picture again. Ousted (temporarily?) by the rise of chemistry, that laid the foundation for an entirely new branch of medicine. Based on simple substances. Developed in the … Read more

Chemistry vs. bacteria. Episode 39, TBC


Up to early 20th century, many doctors still believe that susceptibility to tuberculosis is determined genetically. Fierce discussions between professors and parliamentary inquests do not resolve the question: bacterial infection or hereditary condition. When Koch discovers in 1882 that the … Read more

Chemistry vs. bacteria, # 30. Cephalosporins

sewage pipe

Penicillin’s successes trigger a major search for microorganisms with antibacterial action. Are there any more productive penicillin producing mould varieties out there? Yes, there are. The Italian pharmacologist Giuseppe Brotzu discovers the mould Cephalosporium Acremonium in a sewage outfall at … Read more