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  1. sridhar rajanala 17 November 2019 at 14:56 | | Reply

    I am doing disposable plates industry now i want to turn my business with bio digradable material so i want to attend where ever New technology conferences please invite me such summits in world wide

  2. V.Balakrishna Raju 18 November 2019 at 02:44 | | Reply

    A fantastic idea to eradicate the plastic.

  3. Kees Fekkes 15 December 2019 at 08:04 | | Reply

    It’s beautiful!

  4. Elorm Josephine 23 December 2019 at 21:35 | | Reply

    My name is elorm Josephine a high school graduate. I found out about this amazing project that am sure will end our planet from being swallowed by tons of garbage. Actually I want to be an ambassador of this project in My country so am currently working on designs and ways to make it more effective to use before it is introduced into the system but I need guidance and support. So please can u help so that we make this happen in my country and beyond please.

  5. Aaron CB 19 February 2020 at 22:23 | | Reply

    Hi there, great idea.

    My name is Aaron from the UK

    I am currently in the process of making simple, organic and biodegradable packaging using purely natural material, material being leaves. Nothing special, however we have a concoction of natural earthy pulp (no chemicals whatsoever) and biodegradable wax whereby once the process from start to finish has been completed this will form sturdy, waterproof and long lasting packaging material which will be available in sheets or other types of packaging features determined by what works best for suppliers and being flexible and sturdy this could replace the plastic packaging we see in the supermarkets today.

    This material is proven to allow the choice of being refrigerated or frozen, the biodegradable wax helps to protect the produce enough to keep fresh and to keep out any moisture for a substantial amount of time, strong enough to keep food products inside the packaging without any taring or splitting.

    From Fish, Meats, frozen produce to fresh and freshly made products this packaging would work for all.

    Most of all the complete packaging is totally environmentally friendly and green to the community, and as stated the product is biodegradable and will rot down and dispose of itself without any human interference from anywhere between 3-8 weeks just the same as fallen leaves to in your back garden.

    Along with this product we offer local communities and businesses a clean up service totally free of charge. In this service we remove fallen leaves that may be blocking drainage systems, causing a nuicance in the workplace I.e tredding in wet leaves creating a mess and most of all clearing walkways which could be dangerous and cause significant harm for small children and the elderly I.e such as shopping parades, schools and Care homes. Clearing will prevent slips trips and falls and will make the area look clean and tidy. We offer this as a completely free service because we believe in giving something back to the community in return for the waste we collect from yourselfs to keep our packaging being processed.

    I am looking for feedback or any questions that people may have on this product I am more then willing to answer and also any concerns with the product you may come across.

  6. Arpit Jain 16 May 2020 at 07:21 | | Reply

    First of I would like to appreciate what you have achieved in the era where mother nature needs to be stabilised. I am very keen to glean into this banana leaf packaging and its manufacturing process so is it possible to talk to someone on the team for in-depth information.

    Eagerly awaiting response..

  7. Robert K 29 June 2020 at 14:36 | | Reply

    Hi there,Thanks for sharing this post,is very helpful article.

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