Strongest natural material ever found

Limpets. Photo: Wikiemedia Commons.

The strongest natural material ever found is part of, surprisingly, a mollusc. Its name is Patella vulgata, or in everyday language, the common limpet. An edible sea snail found all around European coasts. The material in question is part of the ‘teeth’ with which the animal rasps over rocks in order to feed on algae.

Methane emissions may threaten Paris climate agreement

New York City at night. Cities turn out to be major sources of methane emissions. Photo: Wikimedia Commons.

Over the past ten years, the methane level in the atmosphere has risen to unexpected highs. Methane gas, CH4, is a 25 times times more potent greenhouse gas than carbon dioxide, CO2. Therefore, this does not bode well for the efforts to keep global temperature rise below 2oC, or indeed 1.5oC. The problem is, as