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  1. Brian C Arndt 28 March 2021 at 00:33 | | Reply

    Your article is very good and is very informative. I am battling severe health problems caused by my employment at a Refinery here in New Zealand. From 1964 until 1977 TEL/TML was imported in 204 Liter Drums from Octel/Innospec England. Unknown to the Operators was the inclusion with the Organic Lead was Scavengers being Ethylene Dibromide and Dichloride in a 50/50 mix. This equated in a 204 Liter Drum 129.1 liters of Lead and 74.9 liters of EDB/EDC. Work dictated that a Operator had to transfer the mix into the Holding Tanks to feed the Blending System. A vacuum was pulled onto the Tank and the the drum was physically opened and transferred. A lot of men have died. In my old age I am dependent on Natural Medications and large amounts of Vitamins to keep me alive. I have had many cancers and neurological problems. I would really love to talk with you to gain more information, thank you.

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