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Directed evolution: a Nobel prize winning innovation

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Commercializing biobased products

BioAmber and Reverdia agreement: strengthening the biobased economy

Photanol prepares itself for the market

Better biomass utilisation in the biobased economy

Biobased polymers too have long lead times, says Jan Ravenstijn

Another biobased dicarboxylic acid moves toward commercial production, by Verdezyne

3BI – Brokering Bio-Based Innovation

More guts needed for the bioeconomy

The shelf life of green chemistry

Preservation of chemical complexity in green chemistry

Green chemistry: towards an integration of agriculture and chemical industry

Towards a sustainable medicines production

Green chemistry: nature as our teacher

How do biofuel developers survive when oil is cheap?

Still a one-sided emphasis on the energetic use of biomass

Levulinic acid, the next green chemical building block

Andy Shafer (Elevance), producer of biobased product award winner

Stefano Facco (Novamont): locally based and careful biorefineries have the future

Green chemistry: it is about the oxygen

Ton Runneboom: major role for Europe in biobased chemical industry


Industrial sugar: major opportunities for North-western Europe

Sugar, Europe’s strength

Versalis converts petrochemical plant into biorefinery

Opportunities for biobased butadiene

Biobased chemicals: European share to drop sharply

Design rules for the biobased industry #4: elegance is beautiful

Anton Robek (DSM): biobased needs to start simple and learn fast

Design rules for the biobased industry, #1: reduce capital costs and create jobs

Know-how as a location factor for the biobased chemical industry

The Bioprocess Pilot Facility in Delft

EFIB, now is the time!

Green Chemistry Campus: at the intersection of agriculture and chemistry

Willem Sederel: do not hype the biobased economy

Marc Verbruggen (Natureworks): ‘Europe has the sugar beet, the best crop for biopolymers, but does not use it.’

Thinking beyond shale gas

Shale gas is an opportunity, for Europe too

BioBTX: Dutch School of Catalysis strikes again

Shale gas and biobased, parallel and non-conflicting

BioAmber: the success of open innovation and partnering

Danish Novozymes and Italian Beta Renewables join forces in cellulosic biofuel projects

Innovative Dutch chemical industry in a Northwest-European cluster

Europe hesitates and lags behind

The carbon dioxide economy, the next revolution in chemistry

Long live Europe, trend 5: decentralisation of industry in a biobased society

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DSM, a smart player in the biobased economy

Will there ever be a big BPM factory in Europe?

Avantium’s furanic technology, a giant awakening

Jos Keurentjes: at AkzoNobel, sustainability is our license to operate

Biomethanol in the Netherlands

R&D in chemistry and process technology

Much biobased economic activity in France

Three development phases in green chemistry