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Ton Runneboom: major role for Europe in biobased chemical industry

Green Deal, lubricant in the system

BioProductProcessor comes to the farm

Green building

Roel’s team

New opportunities, Green Growth and Naomi Klein

Book Green Growth presented to Dutch parliament

Naomi Klein: everyone will be affected


Biobased transition in Europe: how fast?

Industrial sugar: major opportunities for North-western Europe

Sugar, Europe’s strength

Peak gas

Innovation: the state bears the risk, companies reap the benefits

Almost until the very end

Innovations in green chemistry, will they ever come?

Rob Baan (Koppert Cress): Horticulture should be more innovative

The biobased industry needs many educational courses

Strategy for a green society, WTC’s swan song

Circular economy: do not merely close the chain, but slow it down as well


First fair-trade and climate-neutral coffee on the market

Biobased Wunderkammer: a lost opportunity

The Bioprocess Pilot Facility in Delft

Rapeseed as a frontrunner in agricultural innovation

Michiel Keyzer: ‘Biofuel mandates favour incumbent interests’

Seaweed is becoming big business

EFIB, now is the time!

Jan van Hest: ‘Synthetic biology and chemical biology develop common ground’

A very successful SME program gets no follow-up

Correct decision, wrong arguments

Sugar as a feedstock: competition in the market

Flax fibre instead of glass fibre

North-western Europe, supplier of industrial feedstock: sugar

Phosphorus recovery, an urgent matter

Jan Noordegraaf (Synbra): government do your job, impose taxes!

Emmo Meijer: society has lost the conviction that science is the motor of progress

Marc Verbruggen (Natureworks): ‘Europe has the sugar beet, the best crop for biopolymers, but does not use it.’

Green Deals open doors that would have remained closed

Design promotes the biobased economy

Vierhuizen, Sicco Mansholt’s native village

Innovation, the Dutch disease

Urban agriculture, a new economic branch

Demand-driven research? Nothing of the sort!

Much romanticism in the food/fuel discussion

Steve Hartig (POET-DSM): Europe develops the knowledge, the US builds the factories

An autarkic building

Liquefied Bio Gas (LBG) in the polder

The quagmire of Dutch innovation policy

CO2 will substitute sugars as an industrial feedstock, in due time

Biobased polymers will make a breakthrough within ten years

Innovation, will we ever see it coming

Cold recovery of potato proteins, a wonderful innovation

Ton Runneboom: industrial sugar might be a breakthrough for the biobased economy

No glass wool, but flax wool

Shale gas and biobased, parallel and non-conflicting

‘Actively waiting’

The biobased society, a better world?

Algae: continued high expectations

Stressed LED algae produce more oil

First European GM algae project

Biobased economy in the polder

True Price: Roefie Hueting was right

Crib captures CO2, as coal-fired power stations do not

Parents, let your children be operators in the bioeconomy

BioAmber: the success of open innovation and partnering

Biofuels without agro

Innovative Dutch chemical industry in a Northwest-European cluster

Europe hesitates and lags behind

Green economy to overcome the crisis

It does not work

Shale gas is responsible for a gas price seven times as low in the US as in Europe

European Commission takes a closer look at the regions

Bioplastics from carbon dioxide, new and biodegradable

The carbon dioxide economy, the next revolution in chemistry

China might master artificial photosynthesis and artificial meat within five years

Rein Willems, outgoing chairman of Dutch Topsector Chemistry

Jos Keurentjes (AkzoNobel): green base chemicals production to slow down because of shale gas

Gunter Pauli and the ‘Blue Economy’

A sustainability festival

The European Commission’s alcohol problem


EuropaBio’s Most Innovative Biotech SME Award 2012

Shale gas in Europe

No chemistry

Election debates

Carbon dioxide economy


How the West was lost

PLA to become a major biobased plastic

DSM, a smart player in the biobased economy

An avalanche on wheels