Waiting patiently (until the biobased economy has passed away)!?

Groningen platteland
Groningen province could be an excellent pioneer for the biobased economy.

Sorry, we publish this review of Dutch innovation policy in Dutch only.

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1 thought on “Waiting patiently (until the biobased economy has passed away)!?”

  1. Biobased is not so much about Biobased products its really more about a pathway using biomass to picometer particle size or atom size. You have to understand that once you have gone from massive size 10000 times bigger organic chemistry particle to pico. You are no longer working with chemical or ingredients. You are working at a atom sizes of 600 picometers or less. Once you get to the atom size their is no longer a chemical product. Its a physical chemistry element atom particles that operated in a negative or positive mode of operations. What is next and last as we cant get smaller than protons, electrons and neutrons single element based products. You are seeing this in graphene use patents. But graphene is old carbon that could very well be lifeless with a 5000 year duration. We for 20 years have developed over 3000 products from a single element not formulation and it can replace most of the organic chemical product that exist. Visit our site as I can see an end to pesticide, pharmaceuticals and about 80% more of the 100,000 chemicals that are used in the world. The end is coming and the next evolution will not be climate change but chemical change to picotechnology. Nanotechnology is already obsolete except for organic chemical products.

    Many dont understand what is about to happen as they have not used or will release these cation anion products. The dilution rates go from 100 to 1 say to 20,000 to 1 and the cost is just elements. They don’t teach this in school as its not what business wants out. At the end of the day every thing we consume is just atoms. So if people are concerned about nanotechnology consumption there is a solution, but it goes against business interest. I can see the day where chemicals are no longer or more of them.


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