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Biobased economy strategy: through specialty chemicals and materials

Drop-ins lead the biobased economy astray

Biobased materials and chemicals driven by performance

Gas fermentation: another promising biobased technology

Biobased markets need standardization

Biobased chemicals will develop beyond the obvious

Synbra and BioBTX win bio-based innovation awards 2016

Avantium: investment climate in Europe has much improved

Reverdia moves away from drop-ins

Cosun researches all beet pulp components

The case for new biobased platform chemicals

New biobased materials will carry the breakthrough for the biobased economy

Neol Bio: waste to green chemicals

Biorenewables key to reduce CO2 emissions, says macroeconomic study

More biobased plastics for bottles: DuPont announces PTF

Commercializing biobased products

BioAmber and Reverdia agreement: strengthening the biobased economy

Algae: researchers move away from energy

Biobased industry review 2015

Lignin makes a take-off across the board, says Ludo Diels (Vito)

Photanol prepares itself for the market

Isosorbide, a biobased molecule with a bright future

Biobased polymers too have long lead times, says Jan Ravenstijn

Another biobased dicarboxylic acid moves toward commercial production, by Verdezyne

Multiple use of biomass

Avantium and Photanol are doing well

Preservation of chemical complexity in green chemistry

Towards a sustainable medicines production

Green chemistry: nature as our teacher

Bioeconomy: much more employment in biobased chemicals than in biofuels

How do biofuel developers survive when oil is cheap?

Still a one-sided emphasis on the energetic use of biomass

Biotechnologically produced food: positioning and profit margin

Andy Shafer (Elevance), producer of biobased product award winner

Synthetic biology in food production

Green chemistry: it is about the oxygen

Wood biorefinery has an enormous potential

Bio aromatics

Specialty carbohydrates: a very specialised biobased industry

Investment in biobased materials and chemicals is on the rise, says Lux Research

Tina Sejersgård Fanø (Novozymes): we want to remain an innovation-based company


Industrial sugar: major opportunities for North-western Europe

Versalis converts petrochemical plant into biorefinery

Opportunities for biobased butadiene

EuroBioRef: what future for a major European R&D project?

Trend: green cosmetics

Ecover: it is all about sustainability

Biobased chemicals: European share to drop sharply

Innovations in green chemistry, will they ever come?

Joe Ross (Biorenewables Development Centre): businesses can work with us to start straight away

Why Europe undermines its own policies on second-generation biofuels, whereas the US moves fast forward

Wood biorefinery: major steps in Nordic countries

Innovations across the entire value pyramid of the biobased economy

Bioenergy as an obstacle to biobased chemicals

Correct decision, wrong arguments

Sugar as a feedstock: competition in the market

Willem Sederel: do not hype the biobased economy

Biomass for industrial use: new criteria required

CO2 will substitute sugars as an industrial feedstock, in due time

BioBTX: Dutch School of Catalysis strikes again

Shale gas and biobased, parallel and non-conflicting

Huub de Groot: artificial photosynthesis is going to be the backbone of energy supply

Everyone a hobby farmer

Shale gas both slows down and accelerates the biobased economy

BioAmber: the success of open innovation and partnering

The carbon dioxide economy, the next revolution in chemistry

Jos Keurentjes (AkzoNobel): green base chemicals production to slow down because of shale gas

EuropaBio’s Most Innovative Biotech SME Award 2012

The biobased economy challenged by shale gas, a discussion

Mark Bünger (Lux Research): as yet many questions, few answers in the biobased economy

Many steps needed for full-fledged green chemicals industry, says Lux report

BASF, Cargill and Novozymes: acrylic acid production from renewable feedstock

Selective usage

Use biomass selectively, says Leopoldina report

Marcel Wubbolts: DSM is the first in second generation biobased

Avantium’s furanic technology, a giant awakening