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Can we engineer life? 4.4 Plant gene technology, modern techniques

Can we engineer life? 4.3 Plant gene technology, history

Can we engineer life? 4.2 Plant gene technology: Bt aubergines

Can we engineer life? 4.1 Hunger in the world increases

Can we engineer life? 3.3 Well-being for all

Séralini disproven – what will the EU do now?

Can we engineer life? 2.3 Precision modification of the genome

Can we engineer life? 2.2 Development of recombinant-DNA technology

Can we engineer life? 2.1 From evolution to revolution

Can we engineer life? 1 Gene technology is the key

GMO adversaries get enclosed from all sides

Why cannot organic farmers benefit from New Breeding Techniques?

Cloning monkeys: slippery slope or dead end?

Genetically modified food

Genetic engineering serves sustainability

Genetically engineered spider silk

Artificial spider silk, imitating ‘the toughest material on earth’

Artificial silk: the next biotechnological frontier, about to be crossed

Biologists need to know about programming

Duchenne muscular dystrophy CRISPR cure: just for the rich and well-connected?

Biokits with Do-It-Yourself genetic engineering could involve a criminal act

Lost in translation: dysfunctional science communication

Bioplastics: disruptive shift to come

CRISPR-Cas: a prize winning technology?

SynBio is gearing up

A rich harvest on genetic technology

GMO debate, nuclear power, and the concept of absolute evil

Gene technology: the same old story, once more

Gene drive: the new debate

We need genetic engineering

Roundup discussion: much like the climate debate

Breeders’ rights, patents and genetic modification

Controversies on genetic modification, part 2: what’s wrong with Monsanto

Controversies on genetic modification, part 1: why to support it

Welcome to the age of CRISPR

Genetic modification: widening gap between public perception and industrial reality

Towards precision agriculture with less environmental impact

Rudy Rabbinge: genetic modification has much potential but also entails risks for world food supply and the environment

The shelf life of green chemistry

Towards a sustainable medicines production

Genetic modification of human embryos?

Biotechnologically produced food: positioning and profit margin

Synthetic biology: health, fashion and ethics

Can products from synthetic biology be sustainable?

Synthetic biology in cheese and saffron production

Synthetic biology in food production

Psychology of innovation: biotechnology should learn to listen!

Jan van Hest: ‘Synthetic biology and chemical biology develop common ground’

Open-source biotech receives support from US Supreme Court

CO2 will substitute sugars as an industrial feedstock, in due time

First European GM algae project

Europe’s bioeconomy: this year is decisive

Regulation as a bottleneck