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The solutions are here!

Biomedicines are coming

Directed evolution: a Nobel prize winning innovation

Sustainable farming: a few development pathways

Nature as our teacher!

CRISPR to the rescue as bacteria develop antibiotics resistance

Can we engineer life? 5.1a Animal gene technology, AquAdvantage GM salmon: the gene construct

Saving the American chestnut tree by genetic modification

Cannabis: the next business opportunity

Can we engineer life? 4.8 Plant gene technology, the photosynthesis boost

Can we engineer life? 4.7 Plant gene technology, cisgenesis

Engineering life will require responsibility and control

Modern biotechnology: does it develop too fast?

Can we engineer life? 4.6 Golden rice

Can we engineer life? 4.4 Plant gene technology, modern techniques

Can we engineer life? 4.3 Plant gene technology, history

Can we engineer life? 4.2 Plant gene technology: Bt aubergines

Can we engineer life? 4.1 Hunger in the world increases

Can we engineer life? 3.3 Well-being for all

Séralini disproven – what will the EU do now?

Can we engineer life? 2.3 Precision modification of the genome

Can we engineer life? 2.2 Development of recombinant-DNA technology

Can we engineer life? 2.1 From evolution to revolution

Can we engineer life? 1 Gene technology is the key

GMO adversaries get enclosed from all sides

Why cannot organic farmers benefit from New Breeding Techniques?

Cloning monkeys: slippery slope or dead end?

Genetically modified food

Genetic engineering serves sustainability

Genetically engineered spider silk

Artificial spider silk, imitating ‘the toughest material on earth’

Artificial silk: the next biotechnological frontier, about to be crossed

Biologists need to know about programming

Duchenne muscular dystrophy CRISPR cure: just for the rich and well-connected?

Biokits with Do-It-Yourself genetic engineering could involve a criminal act

Lost in translation: dysfunctional science communication

Bioplastics: disruptive shift to come

CRISPR-Cas: a prize winning technology?

SynBio is gearing up

A rich harvest on genetic technology

GMO debate, nuclear power, and the concept of absolute evil

Gene technology: the same old story, once more

Gene drive: the new debate

We need genetic engineering

Roundup discussion: much like the climate debate

Breeders’ rights, patents and genetic modification

Controversies on genetic modification, part 2: what’s wrong with Monsanto

Controversies on genetic modification, part 1: why to support it

Welcome to the age of CRISPR

Genetic modification: widening gap between public perception and industrial reality

Towards precision agriculture with less environmental impact

Rudy Rabbinge: genetic modification has much potential but also entails risks for world food supply and the environment

The shelf life of green chemistry

Towards a sustainable medicines production

Genetic modification of human embryos?

Biotechnologically produced food: positioning and profit margin

Synthetic biology: health, fashion and ethics

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Synthetic biology in cheese and saffron production

Synthetic biology in food production

Psychology of innovation: biotechnology should learn to listen!

Jan van Hest: ‘Synthetic biology and chemical biology develop common ground’

Open-source biotech receives support from US Supreme Court

CO2 will substitute sugars as an industrial feedstock, in due time

First European GM algae project

Europe’s bioeconomy: this year is decisive

Regulation as a bottleneck