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  1. GrnMtnBeanSi 1 April 2021 at 19:52 | | Reply

    One study was two years and I didn’t see anything about offspring. Seralini claimed to see the onset of illness after 90 days. I think Monsanto and friends did between 30 and 90 days. Most of the studies you named here were 90 days. That was what intrigued me about this Seralini’s study, that no one cared to check on long-term or multi-generational health problems. Seralini claimed the offspring kept getting smaller and more sickly as generations went on. How do you explain that? unless he was lying. We are seeing more cancer, more digestive issues, hormonal issues, more immune malfunctioning and not always is that explainable by better testing. There could be any number of things causing any of them and probably a combination of pressures all at once. As far as I have read we didn’t really get a good grasp on epigenetics until recent decades and we still don’t know a lot. I came here today to see if anyone in the last couple years since I read the Seralini study had replicated it. I am not very impressed. I will say it’s nice they were transparent. I think Seralini may have had concerns about being interfered with by corporate goons. They have been known to get very nasty and underhanded. This was just my first impression. I haven’t looked at the new studies. Maybe they have some more specifics in there that would ease some of my concerns. I want to see longer than 90 days and more than one generation and if the test animals can give us a reasonable conclusion on it, as in they aren’t prone to the cancers we might expect the feed to cause. Or a long-term primate study.

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