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Strategy for a green society, WTC’s swan song

Circular economy: do not merely close the chain, but slow it down as well


First fair-trade and climate-neutral coffee on the market

High hopes in the Dutch wind sector

Sustainable supply chains: much progress has been made, but now governments need to act

Joe Ross (Biorenewables Development Centre): businesses can work with us to start straight away

Why Europe undermines its own policies on second-generation biofuels, whereas the US moves fast forward

Wood biorefinery: major steps in Nordic countries

Innovations across the entire value pyramid of the biobased economy

The biobased economy requires integration of all educational levels

Sustainable energy: keeping the score. Part 3: fossil fuels with CCS

Sustainable energy: keeping the score. Part 2: The role of sun and wind

The comeback of flax and hemp

Sustainable energy, keeping the score. Part 1: The role of biomass

Biobased Wunderkammer: a lost opportunity

Cooperative organisations are of major importance for the biobased economy

Towards a smaller scale in the biobased economy: the interim results

The Bioprocess Pilot Facility in Delft

AVEBE looks for innovators

Rapeseed as a frontrunner in agricultural innovation

Sustainability requires another corporate decision making model

Veggiefiber: from side stream to premium product

Michiel Keyzer: ‘Biofuel mandates favour incumbent interests’

Seaweed is becoming big business

EFIB, now is the time!

The third way between panic and complacency

Jan van Hest: ‘Synthetic biology and chemical biology develop common ground’

Towards a greener orange

Bioenergy as an obstacle to biobased chemicals

A very successful SME program gets no follow-up

Correct decision, wrong arguments

A perverse effect of subsidies

Coca-Cola blunder: non-information on the plant bottle – latest in a series of incidents

Open-source biotech receives support from US Supreme Court

Sugar as a feedstock: competition in the market

Towards a smaller scale in the biobased economy. But why, and to what extent?

‘Some day, the plant might be worth more than the tomato’

The battle of the burgers

Flax fibre instead of glass fibre

North-western Europe, supplier of industrial feedstock: sugar

Phosphorus recovery, an urgent matter

Large biobased cluster, from Leiden to Reims

New technologies will boost gasoline production from natural gas or waste

Jan Noordegraaf (Synbra): government do your job, impose taxes!

Biofuels hardly competed with food production, so far

Volume of plastics waste in Europe must come down – but how?

Energy covenant: a breakthrough in the polder

Green Chemistry Campus: at the intersection of agriculture and chemistry

Emmo Meijer: society has lost the conviction that science is the motor of progress

Willem Sederel: do not hype the biobased economy

Marc Verbruggen (Natureworks): ‘Europe has the sugar beet, the best crop for biopolymers, but does not use it.’

Piezoelectricity, for a world using less resources

Thinking beyond shale gas

Sustainability a difficult issue even in the biobased economy

Green Deals open doors that would have remained closed

Biomass for industrial use: new criteria required

Design promotes the biobased economy

Vierhuizen, Sicco Mansholt’s native village

A more efficient food chain will result in lower soy imports

Johan Sanders: counteract inefficiency in biobased economy development

BRIDGE: a unique link between innovative sectors

Innovation, the Dutch disease

In search of sustainable materials

Urban agriculture, a new economic branch

Old leftist demons in the perception of sustainability

Demand-driven research? Nothing of the sort!

Much romanticism in the food/fuel discussion

Steve Hartig (POET-DSM): Europe develops the knowledge, the US builds the factories

Room for sustainable agriculture: a fine advice for yesterday

An autarkic building

Liquefied Bio Gas (LBG) in the polder

Seaweed, source of food, feed and chemicals

Local democracy and taxation in a biobased society

The quagmire of Dutch innovation policy

The circular economy, a society without infrastructure?

Solve the financial crisis, be straightforward

CO2 will substitute sugars as an industrial feedstock, in due time

Thinking in opportunities

Biobased polymers will make a breakthrough within ten years

Shale gas is an opportunity, for Europe too

Innovation, will we ever see it coming

Cold recovery of potato proteins, a wonderful innovation

BioBTX: Dutch School of Catalysis strikes again

Ton Runneboom: industrial sugar might be a breakthrough for the biobased economy

The agricultural knowledge model will change the world

CAP revision: integrate the biobased economy

Patricia Osseweijer: infrastructure is important for sustainability

Respectful treatment of the complexity of biomass

No glass wool, but flax wool

Beyond food/fuel: let the chemical sector be a partner in the fight against hunger

Energy forests are an illusion