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  1. AndrewFum 18 February 2017 at 17:07 | | Reply

    There is such a service – voluntary medical service (or DME).
    It assumes that the patient makes a small amount of the subscription and walks to the reception for a year without paying for each meal.
    However, opinion polls showed that only 6% of city residents are aware of its existence.
    Because private clinics profitable to charge a fee for each visit.
    And if any hospital staff member will try to tell you about voluntary medical service to the client – it promises him a dismissal.
    This information has already caused a bunch of disturbances after information circulated that one doctor.
    He was fired “at will”, after he proposed DMO his patient.
    The most incredible that the information on the DHS is in the public domain, just stumbled on this information only to random people.
    How to defend your rights?
    On the rules of rendering of services and responsibilities of private clinics can be found simply by driving in Yandex phrase “voluntary medical care.”
    And that service, rather than insurance.
    (Translated with Google Translate)

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