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A transition that makes use of existing energy infrastructure

CO2 utilization, a growth sector

Renewables versus nuclear – a choice already made

Energy policy: don’t just choose low-carbon – create a new energy system

Nebulised interferon as a COVID-19 medicine

Pandemics: prevention is better than cure

EASAC: burning biomass often doesn’t reduce CO2 emissions

Sustainable biomass: a subject fraught with conflict

Don’t waste the corona crisis

Insects: now it’s the time to cherish our little friends

Let’s have a better look at job quality, says Dutch WRR

The energy transition is a digital transition too

Introspection and innovation don’t easily match: ‘In the Netherlands we tend to think we are pretty good.’

Don’t panic over oak processionary

IPBES and after: do we need to fear global ecosystem decline?

New Call for Proposals issued by BBI JU

Do not avoid risks, but contain them

Circular agriculture, the model of the future

Can we engineer life? 4.6 Golden rice

Lost in translation: Calls for Proposals are determined by language

Tetraethyl lead, the scandal that never erupted

Bioenergy: fine, if from side streams

Can we engineer life? 4.2 Plant gene technology: Bt aubergines

Séralini disproven – what will the EU do now?

Earth Overshoot Day, or the power of doomsday messages

Cloning monkeys: slippery slope or dead end?

Geopolitics of information, the next conflict zone

Young farmers and the lack of large-scale agricultural innovation projects

Geopolitics of phosphate in a biobased economy

Food and water as geopolitical assets

Many bio-based strategies, national bio-economy strategies look old-fashioned

Call to ban oxo-degradable plastics

Solar industry evolves to the TW scale

First generation bioethanol deserves revaluation, says nova-Institute

Biologists need to know about programming

Dutch ecomodernism: down-to-earth but also a crusade against environmentalists

Regulatory process of insecticides: let’s apply some logic and social science

Ban neonics, or not, or something else

Neonicotinoids and bees: a heated conflict even on data

Bee colony collapse: will we ever know the true causes?

Bioplastics: end the confusion

Biokits with Do-It-Yourself genetic engineering could involve a criminal act

Biobased economy strategy: through specialty chemicals and materials

Drop-ins lead the biobased economy astray

Brexit was not about the EU

GMO debate, nuclear power, and the concept of absolute evil

Gene technology: the same old story, once more

New study reports that in Europe, biodegradable plastics growth is in the bag

New Plastics Economy: circular, not yet biobased

Biorenewables key to reduce CO2 emissions, says macroeconomic study

Breeders’ rights, patents and genetic modification

Controversies on genetic modification, part 2: what’s wrong with Monsanto

No good complaining about European waste legislation

Stepwise changes, a ray of sunshine in the climate debate

More guts needed for the bioeconomy

Microplastics in personal care products: the tip of the iceberg

Genetic modification: widening gap between public perception and industrial reality

Still a one-sided emphasis on the energetic use of biomass

Waiting patiently (until the biobased economy has passed away)!?

TKI BBE presents research agenda

Now is the moment for a carbon tax, says Paul Ekins

The silent miracles of energy efficiency

Green Deal, lubricant in the system

Naomi Klein: everyone will be affected

European Union biased on biobased

Peak gas

Innovation: the state bears the risk, companies reap the benefits

Innovations in green chemistry, will they ever come?

Why Europe undermines its own policies on second-generation biofuels, whereas the US moves fast forward

Sustainable energy: keeping the score. Part 3: fossil fuels with CCS

Sustainable energy: keeping the score. Part 2: The role of sun and wind

Sustainable energy, keeping the score. Part 1: The role of biomass

EFIB, now is the time!

Bioenergy as an obstacle to biobased chemicals

Correct decision, wrong arguments

A perverse effect of subsidies

Jan Noordegraaf (Synbra): government do your job, impose taxes!

Biofuels hardly competed with food production, so far

Volume of plastics waste in Europe must come down – but how?

Marc Verbruggen (Natureworks): ‘Europe has the sugar beet, the best crop for biopolymers, but does not use it.’

Green Deals open doors that would have remained closed

Biomass for industrial use: new criteria required

Vierhuizen, Sicco Mansholt’s native village

A more efficient food chain will result in lower soy imports

BRIDGE: a unique link between innovative sectors

Innovation, the Dutch disease

Demand-driven research? Nothing of the sort!

Room for sustainable agriculture: a fine advice for yesterday

The quagmire of Dutch innovation policy

Solve the financial crisis, be straightforward

Shale gas is an opportunity, for Europe too

Innovation, will we ever see it coming