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  1. Artur Braun 23 March 2021 at 14:24 | | Reply

    “Bedankt” for posting my picture from the Hohe Acht at Nürburgring racing course.
    Carbon is a valuable product, a very valuable product. All living matter is built from carbon. Plants assimilate it by digesting CO2, another valuable product. We breath it out, and we produce it by burning carbon = coal, petroleum, natural gas, biogas, biomass.
    Carbon is essential part of the most important biogeochemical cycle, for the discovery and explanation of which Melvin Calvin got the Nobel Prize in chemistry 60 years ago.
    If CO2 is really a burden to climate (hard to believe, climate has been changing since billions of years and will continue to do so) – let’s plant trees! Trees consume CO2.

    By the way: I went with that H2 fuel cell car from Venezia/Italy to Noordwijk aan Zee. Was a hell of a ride!

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