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Straw, an excellent construction material

Dandelion rubber tyre developed by KeyGene, WUR and Vredestein

First generation bioethanol deserves revaluation, says nova-Institute

Bio-waste valorisation

Chitosan, a sleeping giant waiting to be woken

No neonics? And then what?

Regulatory process of insecticides: let’s apply some logic and social science

Ban neonics, or not, or something else

Bio-Lutions wins Bio-Based Material of the Year 2017 Innovation Award

Bee colony collapse: will we ever know the true causes?

Whole crop valorisation

CocoPallet: grow in niches and compete on price, says Michiel Vos

A rich harvest on genetic technology

Vertical farming

Micronutrients, small but essential

Diversity is the key to new agriculture, says Louise Vet

Fibres of the future 2: cellulosic fibres from wood

Biobased chemicals will develop beyond the obvious

Fibres of the future (1): cotton and its limits

Sustainable Timber Tower on the Rise

Bamboo, a promising feedstock

Waste is the most important biobased resource; but legal barriers abound

Cosun researches all beet pulp components

WWF: do not use wood just for energy

Cellulosic ethanol: feedstock costs predominant, sugar cane cheapest

Mining bio-ore for nickel

Algae: researchers move away from energy

Towards precision agriculture with less environmental impact

Rudy Rabbinge: genetic modification has much potential but also entails risks for world food supply and the environment

Hemp tea

Hemp, a very versatile crop

Green chemistry: towards an integration of agriculture and chemical industry

Oil-producing algae clean up waste water

New protein sources will fill the gap

Myco Design Lab: art meets industry in mycelium

Mycelium, the ultimate green material

Bioenergy: the ambitions are the problem

Ton Runneboom: major role for Europe in biobased chemical industry

Wood biorefinery has an enormous potential

Insect biorefinery: it exists, it works

Industrial sugar: major opportunities for North-western Europe

Sugar, Europe’s strength

Meat is fine! No problem for world food supply, says Rudy Rabbinge

Wood fibres stronger than steel

Design rules for the biobased industry, #2: be lean on materials flows

Thistle biorefinery to reinforce Sardinian economy

Biorefinery as the key to the circular economy

First fair-trade and climate-neutral coffee on the market

Wood biorefinery: major steps in Nordic countries

The comeback of flax and hemp

AVEBE looks for innovators

Rapeseed as a frontrunner in agricultural innovation

Seaweed is becoming big business

‘Some day, the plant might be worth more than the tomato’

Flax fibre instead of glass fibre

North-western Europe, supplier of industrial feedstock: sugar

Marc Verbruggen (Natureworks): ‘Europe has the sugar beet, the best crop for biopolymers, but does not use it.’

Biomass for industrial use: new criteria required

Energy forests are an illusion

Staatsbosbeheer: wood is competitive

The entire potato

Cosun and the unbeatable beet

Essent: important sustainability efforts from a major utility

Biogas is big in Niedersachsen

Grass, a valuable feedstock for the biobased economy

Biorefinery, a new model for farmer’s incomes

Algae thrive in the Northern part of the Netherlands

First versus second generation