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A plant-based diet would have a major impact on climate change

Chemistry vs. bacteria, # 61. Herbal antibiotics, cinnamon

Chemistry vs. bacteria, # 59. Phytomedicines, what does actually work?

Chemistry vs. bacteria, # 58. Natural medicines

The forest as a source of conflict

Bt eggplant project in Bangladesh revisited

A major loss of variety in food crops

Green roofs

Meat alternatives on the rise

Marijuana: what we know and don’t now

Gene transfer, a new mechanism

Seaweed as a source of food and useful compounds

Forest gardening – producing food in biodiversity

Mass timber, the new technology

Timber, the old and new construction material

A solution to the Sargassum problem

Plant biostimulation, a new chapter in agriculture

Review: biostimulants for sustainable crop production

Food loss and waste to be reduced by better management and new technologies

Mycelium as a construction material

Traditional Chinese medicine as a source of innovation

Saving the American chestnut tree by genetic modification

Tree bark: an untapped resource

Cannabis: the next business opportunity

GreenTech 2019: new crops and technologies

Can we engineer life? 4.8 Plant gene technology, the photosynthesis boost

Microalgae, environmental cleaners and food additives producers

Efficient protein production and utilization

Circular agriculture, the model of the future

Can we engineer life? 4.4 Plant gene technology, modern techniques

Bioenergy: fine, if from side streams

Can we engineer life? 4.2 Plant gene technology: Bt aubergines

Can we engineer life? 4.1 Hunger in the world increases

Healthy soils for a productive bioeconomy

Food security in times of climate change

Microcrystalline cellulose: versatile and effective

Less input, more output and lower footprint through precision farming and digitalisation

Why cannot organic farmers benefit from New Breeding Techniques?

How to cover future protein demand?

Strongest biomaterial ever

World Bio Markets: make it real, give it life

Bio concrete and other construction materials from local resources

Omega-3 fatty acids produced from corn by marine algae

The many faces of hemp

Genetically modified food

Seaweed biorefinery: much work, high hopes

Geopolitics of phosphate in a biobased economy

New vegetable oil sources for the European oleochemical industry

Food and water as geopolitical assets

Cellulose nanofibrils pave the way for biobased 3D printing

Straw, an excellent construction material

Dandelion rubber tyre developed by KeyGene, WUR and Vredestein

First generation bioethanol deserves revaluation, says nova-Institute

Bio-waste valorisation

Chitosan, a sleeping giant waiting to be woken

No neonics? And then what?

Regulatory process of insecticides: let’s apply some logic and social science

Ban neonics, or not, or something else

Bio-Lutions wins Bio-Based Material of the Year 2017 Innovation Award

Bee colony collapse: will we ever know the true causes?

Whole crop valorisation

CocoPallet: grow in niches and compete on price, says Michiel Vos

A rich harvest on genetic technology

Vertical farming

Micronutrients, small but essential

Diversity is the key to new agriculture, says Louise Vet

Fibres of the future 2: cellulosic fibres from wood

Biobased chemicals will develop beyond the obvious

Fibres of the future (1): cotton and its limits

Sustainable Timber Tower on the Rise

Bamboo, a promising feedstock

Waste is the most important biobased resource; but legal barriers abound

Cosun researches all beet pulp components

WWF: do not use wood just for energy

Cellulosic ethanol: feedstock costs predominant, sugar cane cheapest

Mining bio-ore for nickel

Algae: researchers move away from energy

Towards precision agriculture with less environmental impact

Rudy Rabbinge: genetic modification has much potential but also entails risks for world food supply and the environment

Hemp tea

Hemp, a very versatile crop

Green chemistry: towards an integration of agriculture and chemical industry

Oil-producing algae clean up waste water

New protein sources will fill the gap

Myco Design Lab: art meets industry in mycelium

Mycelium, the ultimate green material

Bioenergy: the ambitions are the problem

Ton Runneboom: major role for Europe in biobased chemical industry

Wood biorefinery has an enormous potential

Insect biorefinery: it exists, it works

Industrial sugar: major opportunities for North-western Europe

Sugar, Europe’s strength