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Naturally! Of course. How nature never stops surprising us

Introspection and innovation don’t easily match: ‘In the Netherlands we tend to think we are pretty good.’

Pure liquid silk

Don’t just reduce emissions, create a circular economy as well

Biobased leather

Use more plastics, says Michael Carus, but responsibly

Antibiotics resistance, do ants have the solution?

High hopes for holism

Reductionism and holism in the life sciences

Processed banana leaves, an eco-friendly packaging solution

Pesticide resistance, a growing problem

Can we engineer life? 5.1a Animal gene technology, AquAdvantage GM salmon: the gene construct

Saving the American chestnut tree by genetic modification

Beyond food: the role of animals in the bioeconomy

Strongest natural material ever found

Sustainable fish farms

Methane emissions may threaten Paris climate agreement

Don’t panic over oak processionary

Bio-bitumen for the roads of the future

Tree bark: an untapped resource

Towards eco-friendly personal care, and other BIO highlights

Cannabis: the next business opportunity

IPBES and after: do we need to fear global ecosystem decline?

When upcycling, reach for the moon

GreenTech 2019: new crops and technologies

Improve sustainability without damaging the brand

Can we engineer life? 4.8 Plant gene technology, the photosynthesis boost

New Call for Proposals issued by BBI JU

Compromise, often a solution rather than a liability

From energy transition to precision economy

Indoor farming: good and affordable vegetables for cities

Can we engineer life? 4.7 Plant gene technology, cisgenesis

Corporate science-based sustainability targets

Biosolar cells: moving forward step by step

Climate change: trees to the rescue

CCU, Carbon Capture and Utilization, even better than biomass as a feedstock

Climate discussion lacks sense of urgency

The long lead times of wind turbines

Microalgae, environmental cleaners and food additives producers

Do not avoid risks, but contain them

MaterialDistrict Rotterdam 2019: imaginative new materials

Efficient protein production and utilization

Circular agriculture, the model of the future

Insects are in decline, around the world. How worried should we be?

Biohydrogen: the next green alternative fuel

Engineering life will require responsibility and control