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In memory of Wiero Beek

Wiero Beek (ca. 1975)

When in the seventies the discussion on the environmental problem erupted, Wiero Beek, then research director at Unilever, was one of the first industrialists who took the problem seriously. He

Better biomass utilisation in the biobased economy

Biobased polymers too have long lead times, says Jan Ravenstijn

Another biobased dicarboxylic acid moves toward commercial production, by Verdezyne

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Welcome to the age of CRISPR

Universities of Applied Sciences important for the biobased economy, says Han van Osch

Genetic modification: widening gap between public perception and industrial reality

Towards precision agriculture with less environmental impact

Rudy Rabbinge: genetic modification has much potential but also entails risks for world food supply and the environment

Nature as an inventor

Hemp tea

Sustainability needs green growth

What is biomass anyway?

Multiple use of biomass

The shelf life of green chemistry

Hemp, a very versatile crop

Are polyolefins really cheaper than sustainable alternatives?

Avantium and Photanol are doing well

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A discovery that could lead to sustainable electronics

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Green chemistry: nature as our teacher

Bioeconomy: much more employment in biobased chemicals than in biofuels

How do biofuel developers survive when oil is cheap?

Sustainability Day in higher education

Still a one-sided emphasis on the energetic use of biomass

Bioplastics are the future

Biodegradable or biobased: an on-going debate

Green Growth, much too optimistic?

Genetic modification of human embryos?

Leon Mur: plant ingredients have much potential

Waiting patiently (until the biobased economy has passed away)!?

Mother Earth Day: let us protect healthy soils

Levulinic acid, the next green chemical building block

TKI BBE presents research agenda

Oil-producing algae clean up waste water

Biotechnologically produced food: positioning and profit margin

Synthetic biology: health, fashion and ethics

Cooperative banking in the biobased economy – but without the Rabobank?

Iain McGilchrist: neurological battle between sustainability and efficiency

Strong biobased supply chain will trigger the 21st century innovation wave, says Daan Dijk (Rabobank)

Can products from synthetic biology be sustainable?

Andy Shafer (Elevance), producer of biobased product award winner

Synthetic food?

Stefano Facco (Novamont): locally based and careful biorefineries have the future

Synthetic biology in cheese and saffron production

Synthetic biology in food production

New protein sources will fill the gap

Psychology of innovation: biotechnology should learn to listen!

Global Divestment Day

Myco Design Lab: art meets industry in mycelium

Now is the moment for a carbon tax, says Paul Ekins

Green chemistry: it is about the oxygen

Mycelium, the ultimate green material

Bioenergy: the ambitions are the problem

Connecting Industries, a nice book but with limitations

One bioeconomy, two worlds

Ton Runneboom: major role for Europe in biobased chemical industry

Wood biorefinery has an enormous potential

The silent miracles of energy efficiency

Marine biotechnology: major opportunities, many obstacles