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Can we engineer life? 4.5 Novel plant breeding techniques

John van der Oost and students.

Plants have large and complicated genomes. Therefore, until recently, the insertion of foreign DNA was a kind of roulette: where will DNA be modified, will the insertion work, and will

Can we engineer life? 4.4 Plant gene technology, modern techniques

Indirect effects, we often ignore them

Can we engineer life? 4.3 Plant gene technology, history

Bioenergy: fine, if from side streams

Affordable green homes

3D printed bioplastic: the future of construction?

Can we engineer life? 4.2 Plant gene technology: Bt aubergines

Limits to biomass use

Can we engineer life? 4.1 Hunger in the world increases

Club of Rome 50 years old

Can we engineer life? 3.3 Well-being for all

Healthy soils for a productive bioeconomy

Can we engineer life? 3.2 Planetary boundaries

Innovations: did I miss something?

Food security in times of climate change

Can we engineer life? 3.1 Transition is unavoidable

Renewable carbon, the key to a sustainable chemical industry

Séralini disproven – what will the EU do now?

Earth Overshoot Day, or the power of doomsday messages

Rejuvenation through biotechnology, for whom?

The bioscience of immortality

Healthy aging and the science of living forever

Can we engineer life? 2.3 Precision modification of the genome

Innovative solutions for small farmers and organic farming

Bio-based solvents on the rise

Can we engineer life? 2.2 Development of recombinant-DNA technology

Energy saving materials inspired by lizard skins and bark bugs

Microcrystalline cellulose: versatile and effective

Can we engineer life? 2.1 From evolution to revolution

Renewable chemicals building the biobased economy

Can we engineer life? 1 Gene technology is the key

GMO adversaries get enclosed from all sides

Less input, more output and lower footprint through precision farming and digitalisation

Why cannot organic farmers benefit from New Breeding Techniques?

How to cover future protein demand?

Strongest biomaterial ever

Biodiesel causes storage tanks to corrode: about unintended consequences of new developments

BP redresses its low renewable energy forecasts – too little, too late

Wrong question: can we decouple environmental impact from GDP growth?

Organic is not a good hallmark of quality – this is why

Bio homes to tackle housing emergency

Small solar panels are an affordable way to try solar power

World Bio Markets: make it real, give it life

Recycling end-of-life tyres

Doing Dutch biobased business in Midwest USA

Simplifying hospital waste with biodegradable disposables

Innovative materials: designers often better understand their value

Circular bioeconomy: an uneasy marriage of concepts, so far

Sustainability and moralism, keep them apart

Bio concrete and other construction materials from local resources

Cloning monkeys: slippery slope or dead end?

New materials as a source of inspiration for the fashion industry

Omega-3 fatty acids produced from corn by marine algae

Self-healing concrete in full development

Much choice in biobased materials at Material Xperience

Innovative concrete: we need it badly, it’s there, we don’t use it

Conferences: old wine in new bottles

Drivers for renewable energy development

The many faces of hemp

Genetically modified food

Perspective on renewable energy rapidly changing

Seaweed biorefinery: much work, high hopes

Genetic engineering serves sustainability

Genetically engineered spider silk