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Improve sustainability without damaging the brand

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Bio homes to tackle housing emergency

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Whole crop valorisation

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Biobased economy strategy: through specialty chemicals and materials

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Waste is the most important biobased resource; but legal barriers abound

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New biobased materials will carry the breakthrough for the biobased economy

Bioeconomy, circular and small scale. Really?

Commercializing biobased products

Biobased industry review 2015

Better biomass utilisation in the biobased economy

Universities of Applied Sciences important for the biobased economy, says Han van Osch

Hemp tea

Sustainability needs green growth

Multiple use of biomass

Avantium and Photanol are doing well

Preservation of chemical complexity in green chemistry

Green chemistry: towards an integration of agriculture and chemical industry

Green chemistry: nature as our teacher

Bioeconomy: much more employment in biobased chemicals than in biofuels

Green Growth, much too optimistic?

Leon Mur: plant ingredients have much potential

Waiting patiently (until the biobased economy has passed away)!?

Mother Earth Day: let us protect healthy soils

Levulinic acid, the next green chemical building block

TKI BBE presents research agenda

Oil-producing algae clean up waste water

Cooperative banking in the biobased economy – but without the Rabobank?

Strong biobased supply chain will trigger the 21st century innovation wave, says Daan Dijk (Rabobank)

Stefano Facco (Novamont): locally based and careful biorefineries have the future

Green chemistry: it is about the oxygen

Connecting Industries, a nice book but with limitations

One bioeconomy, two worlds

Ton Runneboom: major role for Europe in biobased chemical industry

Wood biorefinery has an enormous potential

Green Deal, lubricant in the system

Bio aromatics

Roel’s team

New opportunities, Green Growth and Naomi Klein

Green Growth, executive summary

Investment in biobased materials and chemicals is on the rise, says Lux Research

Tina Sejersgård Fanø (Novozymes): we want to remain an innovation-based company

Biobased transition in Europe: how fast?

Industrial sugar: major opportunities for North-western Europe

Biobased materials in the motor car, part 2: biobased industry’s response

Biobased materials in the motor car, part 1: automotive industry’s demands

Brazil too, starts production of second generation bioethanol

Community and technology development with social media

Sugar, Europe’s strength

Meat is fine! No problem for world food supply, says Rudy Rabbinge

Cooperatives essential for the biobased economy, says Yvon Le Henaff

Biomass Course, ten times successful

EuroBioRef: what future for a major European R&D project?

Trend: green cosmetics

Claude Roy: tackle global problems by valorisation of biomass

Valorise flower bulbs

Glocal project: Ecover’s experiment on Mallorca

Girlsday: a larger role for women in the biobased economy

Design rules for the biobased industry, #3: preserve structure

Anton Robek (DSM): biobased needs to start simple and learn fast

Design rules for the biobased industry, #2: be lean on materials flows

European Union biased on biobased

Thistle biorefinery to reinforce Sardinian economy

Focus on biobased materials in a new regional development model

Strategy for a green society, WTC’s swan song

The biobased economy requires integration of all educational levels

Cooperative organisations are of major importance for the biobased economy

Towards a smaller scale in the biobased economy: the interim results

The third way between panic and complacency

Sugar as a feedstock: competition in the market

Towards a smaller scale in the biobased economy. But why, and to what extent?

‘Some day, the plant might be worth more than the tomato’

North-western Europe, supplier of industrial feedstock: sugar

Large biobased cluster, from Leiden to Reims

Willem Sederel: do not hype the biobased economy

Johan Sanders: counteract inefficiency in biobased economy development

BRIDGE: a unique link between innovative sectors

Innovation, the Dutch disease

Room for sustainable agriculture: a fine advice for yesterday

Thinking in opportunities

Biobased polymers will make a breakthrough within ten years

Ton Runneboom: industrial sugar might be a breakthrough for the biobased economy

The agricultural knowledge model will change the world