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The disruption of the cow

RethinkX: the essentials

The RethinkX project

Bioweapons and super soldiers, genetic technology for warfare

Solar and wind energy: increasing recognition

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Pandemics: prevention is better than cure

Renewable energy imports

Biomedicines are coming

New superpowers in the pharmaceutical industry?

Don’t just reduce emissions, create a circular economy as well

Pesticide resistance, a growing problem

Compromise, often a solution rather than a liability

From energy transition to precision economy

Biosolar cells: moving forward step by step

Club of Rome 50 years old

Healthy aging and the science of living forever

How to cover future protein demand?

BP redresses its low renewable energy forecasts – too little, too late

Wrong question: can we decouple environmental impact from GDP growth?

Energy producing landscapes

Food and water as geopolitical assets

Geopolitics of renewable energy

Geopolitics of sustainability

System changes that will propel sustainable energy

Renewable energy system costs – the untold story

Solar energy will soon dominate the energy system

A common sense or 50-50-40 energy scenario. Part 2: renewable energy

Economists, listen: the earth is NOT a closed system

Bioeconomy, circular and small scale. Really?

Phosphate and phosphorus, use it wisely

Genetic modification of human embryos?

Synthetic food?

New protein sources will fill the gap

The silent miracles of energy efficiency

Green Growth, executive summary

Panarchy, for a transition with less disruption

Biobased transition in Europe: how fast?

Claude Roy: tackle global problems by valorisation of biomass

Towards an ambitious Europe

Large-scale deployment of solar power requires another energy system, says Wim Sinke (ECN)

Green chemistry, rather than green energy

In the middle of the ‘mother of all transitions’

Human error, a category that raises more questions than it answers

Know-how as a location factor for the biobased chemical industry

Focus on biobased materials in a new regional development model

Sustainable energy, keeping the score. Part 1: The role of biomass

Cooperative organisations are of major importance for the biobased economy

Towards a smaller scale in the biobased economy: the interim results

Sustainability requires another corporate decision making model

Phosphorus recovery, an urgent matter

Piezoelectricity, for a world using less resources

Thinking beyond shale gas

Sustainability a difficult issue even in the biobased economy

Local democracy and taxation in a biobased society

The circular economy, a society without infrastructure?

Solve the financial crisis, be straightforward

Respectful treatment of the complexity of biomass

Everyone a hobby farmer

Jan Rotmans: much creativity in the transition towards the biobased economy

Long live Europe: seven trends which will carry us through the crisis

Long live Europe, trend 7: Europe was, is and will remain one of the most important producers of scientific knowledge in the world

Long live Europe, conclusion: think global, act local

Long live Europe, trend 6: small-scale energy systems

Long live Europe, trend 5: decentralisation of industry in a biobased society

Long live Europe, trend 4: sustainability as a common goal

The biobased economy challenged by shale gas, a discussion

Long live Europe, trend 3: new social networks are on the rise

How the West was lost

Long live Europe, trend 2: organisations will be founded on trust

Long live Europe, trend 1: women will take the lead

Ruud Lubbers: Rotterdam is going to be the biohub for North-western Europe