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Biobased leather

Processed banana leaves, an eco-friendly packaging solution

Beyond food: the role of animals in the bioeconomy

Bio-bitumen for the roads of the future

MaterialDistrict Rotterdam 2019: imaginative new materials

Biocomposites for cars

3D printed bioplastic: the future of construction?

Renewable carbon, the key to a sustainable chemical industry

Microcrystalline cellulose: versatile and effective

Renewable chemicals building the biobased economy

Strongest biomaterial ever

Simplifying hospital waste with biodegradable disposables

Innovative materials: designers often better understand their value

Much choice in biobased materials at Material Xperience

Genetically engineered spider silk

Artificial spider silk, imitating ‘the toughest material on earth’

Artificial silk: the next biotechnological frontier, about to be crossed

Cellulose nanofibrils pave the way for biobased 3D printing

Nano3Bio: promising results for chitosan

Marker posts

Dandelion rubber tyre developed by KeyGene, WUR and Vredestein

Chitosan, a sleeping giant waiting to be woken

Biobased building blocks: an update

Paptic, not a plastic, rather a novel kind of paper

Bioplastics: end the confusion

Green PAC, motor of the biobased economy

Bioplastics: disruptive shift to come

CocoPallet: grow in niches and compete on price, says Michiel Vos

Biobased economy strategy: through specialty chemicals and materials

Plastic litter: strict regulation is the only remedy

Sustainable materials need certification and lobbies

Biobased materials and chemicals driven by performance

PHA business case still shaky

PHA: promising, versatile, biodegradable

Biobased MEG directly from sugars, a new step in green chemistry

Gas fermentation: another promising biobased technology

Fibres of the future 2: cellulosic fibres from wood

Synbra and BioBTX win bio-based innovation awards 2016

Avantium: investment climate in Europe has much improved

Reverdia moves away from drop-ins

Cosun researches all beet pulp components

New biobased materials will carry the breakthrough for the biobased economy

New study reports that in Europe, biodegradable plastics growth is in the bag

More biobased plastics for bottles: DuPont announces PTF

Commercializing biobased products

Natural fibre composites: a natural look and feel, and sustainable

Lignin makes a take-off across the board, says Ludo Diels (Vito)

Isosorbide, a biobased molecule with a bright future

Biobased polymers too have long lead times, says Jan Ravenstijn

Another biobased dicarboxylic acid moves toward commercial production, by Verdezyne

Biobased economy: slow but steady

Transnatural Design artfully experiments with nature

Are polyolefins really cheaper than sustainable alternatives?

A discovery that could lead to sustainable electronics

Bioplastics are the future

Biodegradable or biobased: an on-going debate

Green chemistry: it is about the oxygen

Mycelium, the ultimate green material

Specialty carbohydrates: a very specialised biobased industry


Biobased materials in the motor car, part 2: biobased industry’s response

Versalis converts petrochemical plant into biorefinery

Wood fibres stronger than steel

EuroBioRef: what future for a major European R&D project?

Circular economy: recycling agricultural and food waste

Toxic substances in food packaging – an opportunity for bioplastics?

Glycix, the biodegradable thermoset polymer that will conquer the world

Pharmafilter’s sustainable hospital waste processing system now commercially available

Focus on biobased materials in a new regional development model

Coca-Cola blunder: non-information on the plant bottle – latest in a series of incidents

Flax fibre instead of glass fibre

Jan Noordegraaf (Synbra): government do your job, impose taxes!

Marc Verbruggen (Natureworks): ‘Europe has the sugar beet, the best crop for biopolymers, but does not use it.’

Design promotes the biobased economy

In search of sustainable materials

Biobased polymers will make a breakthrough within ten years

Everyone a hobby farmer

BioAmber: the success of open innovation and partnering

Bioplastics from carbon dioxide, new and biodegradable

The carbon dioxide economy, the next revolution in chemistry

Bioplastics sustainable after all: Pittsburgh study inadequate

Selective usage

PLA to become a major biobased plastic

Why PEF is better than PET

Will there ever be a big BPM factory in Europe?

Synbra takes the biobased economy to your home

Avantium’s furanic technology, a giant awakening

Enzymatic polymerisation. New!

API, Cumapol: biobased is a megatrend in polymers

First versus second generation