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Sustainability and moralism, keep them apart

Bio concrete and other construction materials from local resources

Omega-3 fatty acids produced from corn by marine algae

Self-healing concrete in full development

Innovative concrete: we need it badly, it’s there, we don’t use it

The many faces of hemp

Genetically modified food

Genetic engineering serves sustainability

Doughnut economics, or why economists should learn more about technology

The role of chemistry in the reduction of plastic waste

Geopolitics of sustainability

Towards circular fashion

Straw, an excellent construction material

Kipster, a new chapter in sustainable chicken farming

Chitosan, a sleeping giant waiting to be woken

Cyrene, a biosolvent, to end the use of toxic solvents

No neonics? And then what?

Paptic, not a plastic, rather a novel kind of paper

Bio-Lutions wins Bio-Based Material of the Year 2017 Innovation Award

Neonicotinoids and bees: a heated conflict even on data

Bee colony collapse: will we ever know the true causes?

Nanocomposites, precision materials

Precision horticulture: what the consumer wants

Precision, the hallmark of a new era

Energy storage, its role in the transition

CocoPallet: grow in niches and compete on price, says Michiel Vos

A common sense or 50-50-40 energy scenario. Part 2: renewable energy

A common sense energy scenario. Part 1: global energy consumption

Biobased means thinking in short cycles

Teaching sustainability in secondary education

Sustainable materials need certification and lobbies

Gaia, and James Lovelock’s gentle revenge

Sustainable construction is organising horizontally

Daan Bruggink: building naturally with ORGA

PHA business case still shaky

PHA: promising, versatile, biodegradable

Diversity is the key to new agriculture, says Louise Vet

Reconnect with nature – the new sustainability

Fibres of the future (1): cotton and its limits

Sustainable Timber Tower on the Rise

Bamboo, a promising feedstock

Economists, listen: the earth is NOT a closed system

Waste is the most important biobased resource; but legal barriers abound

Eva Gladek: Metabolic puts innovation in biobased and sustainability to practice

The case for new biobased platform chemicals

New study reports that in Europe, biodegradable plastics growth is in the bag

Natural fibre composites: a natural look and feel, and sustainable

Biobased polymers too have long lead times, says Jan Ravenstijn

Controversies on genetic modification, part 2: what’s wrong with Monsanto

Stepwise changes, a ray of sunshine in the climate debate

Ecomodernism, a great idea and a big disappointment

Nature as an inventor

Multiple use of biomass

A discovery that could lead to sustainable electronics

Green chemistry: nature as our teacher

Sustainability Day in higher education

Biodegradable or biobased: an on-going debate

Green Growth, much too optimistic?

Mother Earth Day: let us protect healthy soils

Iain McGilchrist: neurological battle between sustainability and efficiency

Can products from synthetic biology be sustainable?

Myco Design Lab: art meets industry in mycelium

Mycelium, the ultimate green material

Bioenergy: the ambitions are the problem

Insect biorefinery: it exists, it works

Meat is fine! No problem for world food supply, says Rudy Rabbinge

Energy neutral instead of shale gas free

Logical mistakes on CO2

Solar cells: Europe can regain position

Sustainable: tenable or degradable?

Ecover: it is all about sustainability

Design rules for the biobased industry #4: elegance is beautiful

Design rules for the biobased industry, #2: be lean on materials flows

Green chemistry, rather than green energy

Almost until the very end

First fair-trade and climate-neutral coffee on the market

Sustainable supply chains: much progress has been made, but now governments need to act

Sustainability requires another corporate decision making model

Coca-Cola blunder: non-information on the plant bottle – latest in a series of incidents

The battle of the burgers

Biofuels hardly competed with food production, so far

Sustainability a difficult issue even in the biobased economy

Green Deals open doors that would have remained closed

In search of sustainable materials

Old leftist demons in the perception of sustainability

Much romanticism in the food/fuel discussion

An autarkic building

Patricia Osseweijer: infrastructure is important for sustainability

Respectful treatment of the complexity of biomass

No glass wool, but flax wool

The biobased society, a better world?

NGOs challenge Chinese mega investment in Canadian tar sands