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Directed evolution: a Nobel prize winning innovation

Waltzing with Nature – a manifesto

Sustainable farming: a few development pathways

Mycelium as a construction material

Seafood from the lab – will consumers like it?

Traditional Chinese medicine as a source of innovation

Nature as our teacher!

New antibiotics – their development stagnates. Why?

CRISPR to the rescue as bacteria develop antibiotics resistance

Chemical recycling of mixed plastic waste

We will never be able to control nature perfectly

Introspection and innovation don’t easily match: ‘In the Netherlands we tend to think we are pretty good.’

Pure liquid silk

Reductionism and holism in the life sciences

Sustainable fish farms

Towards eco-friendly personal care, and other BIO highlights

GreenTech 2019: new crops and technologies

Indoor farming: good and affordable vegetables for cities

Can we engineer life? 4.7 Plant gene technology, cisgenesis

Biosolar cells: moving forward step by step

MaterialDistrict Rotterdam 2019: imaginative new materials

Lost in translation: Calls for Proposals are determined by language

3D printed bioplastic: the future of construction?

Innovations: did I miss something?

Food security in times of climate change

Can we engineer life? 3.1 Transition is unavoidable

Rejuvenation through biotechnology, for whom?

The bioscience of immortality

Can we engineer life? 2.3 Precision modification of the genome

Innovative solutions for small farmers and organic farming

Can we engineer life? 2.2 Development of recombinant-DNA technology

Energy saving materials inspired by lizard skins and bark bugs

Can we engineer life? 2.1 From evolution to revolution

Can we engineer life? 1 Gene technology is the key

GMO adversaries get enclosed from all sides

Less input, more output and lower footprint through precision farming and digitalisation

Why cannot organic farmers benefit from New Breeding Techniques?

How to cover future protein demand?

Organic is not a good hallmark of quality – this is why

Simplifying hospital waste with biodegradable disposables

Innovative materials: designers often better understand their value

Bio concrete and other construction materials from local resources

New materials as a source of inspiration for the fashion industry

Self-healing concrete in full development

Innovative concrete: we need it badly, it’s there, we don’t use it

Genetically engineered spider silk

Artificial spider silk, imitating ‘the toughest material on earth’

Artificial silk: the next biotechnological frontier, about to be crossed

Cellulose nanofibrils pave the way for biobased 3D printing

Solar industry evolves to the TW scale

Solar energy will soon dominate the energy system

Straw, an excellent construction material

Kipster, a new chapter in sustainable chicken farming

Dandelion rubber tyre developed by KeyGene, WUR and Vredestein

Chitosan, a sleeping giant waiting to be woken

Cyrene, a biosolvent, to end the use of toxic solvents

Innovation is ‘Chefsache’

Nanocomposites, precision materials

Green PAC, motor of the biobased economy

Bioplastics: disruptive shift to come

CRISPR-Cas: a prize winning technology?

Purification of bio-based chemicals on an industrial scale

SynBio is gearing up

Vertical farming

Fibres of the future 2: cellulosic fibres from wood

New biobased materials will carry the breakthrough for the biobased economy

Photanol prepares itself for the market

Welcome to the age of CRISPR

Towards precision agriculture with less environmental impact

Leon Mur: plant ingredients have much potential

Andy Shafer (Elevance), producer of biobased product award winner

Psychology of innovation: biotechnology should learn to listen!

Wood biorefinery has an enormous potential

Tina Sejersgård Fanø (Novozymes): we want to remain an innovation-based company

Pharmafilter’s sustainable hospital waste processing system now commercially available

Innovation: the state bears the risk, companies reap the benefits

Rob Baan (Koppert Cress): Horticulture should be more innovative

AVEBE looks for innovators

Green Chemistry Campus: at the intersection of agriculture and chemistry

Willem Sederel: do not hype the biobased economy

Piezoelectricity, for a world using less resources

Green Deals open doors that would have remained closed

BRIDGE: a unique link between innovative sectors

Innovation, the Dutch disease

Demand-driven research? Nothing of the sort!

Steve Hartig (POET-DSM): Europe develops the knowledge, the US builds the factories

The quagmire of Dutch innovation policy

CO2 will substitute sugars as an industrial feedstock, in due time

Innovation, will we ever see it coming

Huub de Groot: artificial photosynthesis is going to be the backbone of energy supply

Thin film PV maintains its rapid development pace

Wind power: lessons from an industrial past