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  1. R.O'Donnell 5 February 2017 at 12:54 | | Reply

    The UK/EC should place a tax on all non-biodegradable, non oxy-biodegradable plastic instead of the present UK tax on untreated “one use” plastic bags. Incredible thinking as the result was/is “bags for life” 10 x times thicker and lasts 10 times longer as untreated plastic that are exchangeable free if damaged.10 x thicker is my opinion of this present tax should be doubled on untreated plastic products, ie, use once plastic decorations hedge, trees, ponds, oceans and killing world wide wild life.. SYMPHONY ENVIRONMENTAL PLASTICS have a proven technology of Oxy-biodegradable, biodegradable anti slug, rodent, fire retardant and treatments for plastic toys, cutlery etc that is/can be added before plastic production at little cost, an “additive.”

    Tax “untreated plastic” at triple the present tax makes more sense.

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