Biobased Press looks for new input

Our website looks for input from our readers. Are you aware of interesting articles that have appeared in your country, or of actual developments in your sector? We would appreciate it very much if you’d inform us, or even better: contribute to our website.

Bio Based Press logoBiobased Press has an international readership

Our website now exists two years (in the first year as During that period we have acquired a readership that extends well beyond our home country, the Netherlands. Less than half of our recent visitors are based in the Netherlands, more than half is from abroad, mainly from the United States, Belgium, France, Germany, the United Kingdom, Brazil, Japan, Italy and India. As our readership becomes more international, we feel a growing need to reflect on biobased developments in other countries. As we feel that developments in the United States are covered well by American sites, we look particularly for input from other EU countries and from those other main centres of biobased developments, South America and Southeast Asia.

We are not a news site. We do not have the resources (and ultimately neither the real interest) for continuous to-the-minute coverage of industrial news. We want to reflect on the longer term. What biobased developments are taking place? What do they mean for the economy of any country, both in agriculture and in industry? Do these really entail a shift towards decentralisation of society as many observers think? Will the industrial use of agricultural yields (and their side streams) increase the farmer’s income, or will the farmer be squeezed between large-scale interests?

We care about these questions, want to make visible such developments, and take it upon ourselves to encourage their discussion. If you want to write about such developments we welcome your contribution. We also invite you to share your views, whether these are minority views or widely held.

Biobased Press is run with limited resources

We run Biobased Press with limited resources. We are too small and our public is too diverse for an income from advertisements. Paul and Diederik, our main contributors, are retired science journalists who are happy to report and reflect on this new and exciting field out of personal interest. So please do not expect a financial reward from your contribution; at least not for the time being.

So what are we looking for?
•    Magazines or websites that cover biobased developments in any country and that would like to share their content with us. For example, recently we have started a cooperation with the French magazine Formule Verte that allows us to make use of each other’s articles (in translation).
•    Contributions of science journalists or scientists (e.g. young, retired) who would like to contribute on an incidental basis.
•    Attention for key figures in biobased developments in any country. Will they visit Europe soon (in particular Brussels, Amsterdam)? Could we interview them, without spending an excessive amount of money on traveling?

If you are interested, please reply on our contact form. With your help, we will be able to reflect even better on the developments in and implications of the biobased society.

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