CBD oil, a panacea?

You might know them – websites and articles with fantastic health claims. But they endlessly postpone the revelation of their ‘secret’. If you are curious, you will be drawn ever more into the story. And always, the revelation of the secret always is a commercial product. Much better than its competitors. Just a bit more expensive – but then you’ll get value for money. Like in this website on CBD oil (in Dutch).

CBD oil
CBD oil. Photo: JoseLomah, Wikimedia Commons.

The website starts talk about the ‘unseen killer’ of the 21st century. Aha, the reader wonders: I always guessed something was wrong with popular health, let me read (or listen) on. But the site leaves you in a state of permanent insecurity on the identity of this unseen killer. Even though the introduction mentions that ‘3 out of 5 people die because of the direct or indirect consequences of this ticking time bomb in their bodies’. ‘People don’t know it affects them, until it is too late.’ Serious business! Any chance I would be affected as well? I may not even know it! After all, we are talking about a secret killer!

A time bomb

It is not until many pages (or minutes) later that you discover that the cause lies in the food on your plate. Yes, for ‘powerful economic forces act against public health’. We’re talking about a real ‘time bomb’ here! Responsible for regular or persistent pain in 1 out of 3 people (don’t I suffer from that as well?). For obesity – that will not disappear even with a diet or light products. For speedy ageing – have a look at your wrinkles. Companies earn good money fighting those problems. By selling you diet products, or cosmetics. And worse: the silent killer is responsible for cancer, Alzheimer’s disease, diabetes. We should do something about this!

But the story goes on. On top of our irresponsible eating habits, there is air pollution. And artificial sweeteners, chemical additives and toxic plastic. They cause a ‘hormonal imbalance’ and an increase in inflammations. Aha, finally: inflammations! A natural process, we are told. But not so in the modern world. Nowadays, many inflammations are chronic in nature. The body attacks itself.

hemp and flowers
Hemp and flowers. Photo: Skalle-Per Hedenhös, Wikimedia Commons.

The ending

But we approach the ending. First, we are given useful advice on heath – after all, we should be kept in suspense. Eat well and healthy. Get enough sleep. Stop smoking. But fortunately, ‘don’t just adapt your lifestyle, there is a simple method in addition to that, that will quickly reduce inflammation in your body.’ And the finally, the revelation: ‘the strongest pain killer and inflammation reducing agent discovered in the past 10 years. CBD oil – most people will have heard of it.’

Of course, then follows a praise of CBD oil. You will not get high on it, you don’t need a recipe, it has almost no side effects. But it will quickly relieve your ailments and it will slow down chronic inflammations. Yes, in fact CBD oil is a miracle agent. It lessens pain and stress and you will have a better night’s sleep. It has a double action. On the one hand, it will put a break on substances in your body that attack healthy tissue. On the other hand it will stimulate the production of substances that reduce the inflammation reaction. Even people suffering from chronic pain will feel its beneficial effect. And it will calm you down.

CBD oil: the grand finale

But pay attention! By far not all products sold as CBD oil have this effect. ‘Here, We Have to Issue an Important Warning: our research shows that most CBD products have no effect.’ There are a lot of dubious products on the market. It is important that the product doesn’t merely contain CBD (cannabidiol). The beneficial effects you’re looking for will only be produced by a mixture of cannabinols and terpenes. And as you will understand – only a certain brand will contain this mixture. Buy our CBD oil!

All in all, this doesn’t imply that CBD oil is fake. My very wife has had good results from using this substance for relief of her chronic pain. But then, much nonsense is being told! Illustrated of course with many references to scientific articles that will never be checked by the reader. Couldn’t such articles be sold without such nonsense? This is not the first time that cannabis and its contents are being sold as a panacea to all sorts of ailments. Shouldn’t associations against quackery have a look at these statements?

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