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  1. Chris 15 April 2020 at 09:38 | | Reply

    “We coined the term precision economy, which in every respect seems to be better than the dull term …”
    Sir: Do you understand that there are actual people reading your work? And that the arrogance and egocentric bias dripping from these words dramatically reduces your readers’ desire to read further, or entertain the notions you are trying to sell at all, because you come off as an unbearable boor?
    Please note: An ounce of humility and respect goes much further than a pound of conceited overconfidence. It is because of this attitude that you lose the part of your audience who is influenced by the character of the person when evaluating their ideas. In other words: everyone (even in Aristotle’s time this was observed).
    Please consider the basic human trait that we all tend to avoid unpleasant people, that self-praise is exceedingly unpleasant, and that your readers are here voluntarily.
    I was considering buying your book until that sentence and others like it turned me off.
    I say this because it sounds like you have some interesting points that otherwise are worthy of being heard by a larger audience. There is so much wrong with our current system, however, that it makes no sense to alienate others who could be on your side. Those fighting for a better planet cannot afford to turn on each other in the petty way you did. Please keep your eye on the big picture and leave the baseless insults (there is nothing inherently dull about a doughnut, nor anything better about the word precision!) to others.
    Good luck on your work, and I hope you take my honest feedback about how you come across into consideration so you can reach a larger audience.

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