Comments to the Manifesto

This is the new story we humans need to guide our activities, and reunite us with interdependent nature. Well done and hartelijk Dank Biobased Press – !
Walt Patterson, associate fellow Chatham House

Europe should take the lead, look critically at the globalization.
Binne Zwanenburg, professor emeritus of Chemistry, Radboud University, former chairman Foundation for Chemical Research (SON)

Nature holds solutions for many of our material problems, and we should allocate more resources to the type of nature based solutions the manifesto points at. The manifesto writes “no brakes” by government, but there should always be regulation on any technology. I take “no brakes” to mean relative to other technologies: a level playing field.
Maarten van Schie, Policy researcher

We absolutely need to make use of the innovation possibilities afforded by life sciences, but we also need clever ways of keeping products and materials longer in use and pro-active attention to negative side-effects. Sustainability should be a concern at all times for all.
Rene Kemp, Professor Innovation and Sustainable Development.