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Asia for Earth

1 June 2022 @ 08:00 - 3 June 2022 @ 17:00

Nature paints for us with the visions of limitless beauty; ISERS conducts significant conferences across the world on gogreen, climate change, Education, Management, and social studies for the environment, as part of our noteworthy summit on these fields of ecology and education, it is a comprehensive multidisciplinary conference with participants from all around the world for curious learning about the environment, global warming, climate change, and environmental social science studies. The conference intends to give a worldwide venue for all notable young researchers, scientists, NGOs, communities, authors, and environmental professionals to share and discuss the issues on climate change adaptation, communication, economics, culture, education, finance, law, business & management, etc.

8th GoGreen Summit

Climate Change and Global warming is no more a myth and do not just remain in the textbooks. It is for real, and the time must take immediate actions. ISERS and BioLEAGUES has created this platform to encourage climate activists, environmentalists, scientists, geologists, ecologists, academicians, and scholars from across the globe in the field of climate change & global warming to come together and discuss the latest research & innovations in science & technology to combat the earth from diminishing. ISERS is organizing the 8th Gogreen Summit with the theme “Go Green: Shape the Future Green Planet” to spread awareness and encourage the fellow earth mates to be part of this global movement in making the planet “Earth” a better place to live tomorrow.

3rd International Conference on Climate Change

International Society of Environmental Relationship and Sustainability (ISERS) and BioLEAGUES Worldwide extend a warm invitation to all the individuals from the nations around the globe to join 3rd International Conference on Climate Change during 01st to 03rd June 2022 at Bali, Indonesia. The conference will revolve around the theme “Advancing Mitigation and Adaptation Actions for Climate Change”. The conference aims to provide an international platform to all the eminent young researchers, academicians, NGOs, Communities, private sectors, and environmental experts etc to share and discuss about adaptation and mitigation options that can help address climate change. Participating in 3rd ICCC will provide a unique opportunity for all the participants to develop new connections and collaborations. The event is focussed on strengthening ties between researchers and entrepreneurs from the business world to better and more efficiently tackle the problems and provide solutions for climate change.

2nd International Conference on Education, Management and Social Science

International Conference on Education, Management and Social Science (ICEDUMAS) in association with BioLeagues Worldwide organizes conferences annually across the globe . This conference is a multidisciplinary program with broad participation with members from around the globe focused on learning about Education, Management, politics, organizational studies, fiscal affairs, law, and philosophical issues or, in less-disciplined oriented areas, such as school effectiveness, leadership and supervision, human resource management and labor relations, and equity issues and social science topics. We invite all the Speakers and Delegates from all over the world to attend this conference. This is a perfect platform for global networking as it brings together renowned speakers and researchers from across the globe to the most exciting and memorable scientific event filled with informative and interactive sessions, international workshops, world class international exhibitions and poster presentations. Experts and scholars from background Education, Management and Social Science can showcase their scientific work, research and emerging technologies on the following topics such communication, Economics, Culture, Education, Finance, Law, Business & Management, Politics and Psychology.

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1 June 2022 @ 08:00
3 June 2022 @ 17:00