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7th International Conference on Integrative Biology

April 15 @ 08:00 - April 16 @ 17:00

Integrative Biology 2019: The definition of Integrative Biology is – a label frequently used to describe various forms of cross-disciplinary and multitaxon research. The term is often ill defined, but in fact it does rely on principles that will transform 21st-century science. Collaborative and integrative biology generates new information and new ideas by bringing diverse expertise to problems, so that individual and institutional expertise becomes broader and more exploratory as a consequence. Both research and education modes must change to facilitate new approaches to resolving complex questions.

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Why to attend???

Why should one attend Integrative Biology?

The answer to that question is that the times are changing rapidly, and our current methods are not advancing us as quickly as the more forward-looking integrative approaches seem to be. Yet we seem to be approaching integrative biology without changing our lab structures, curricula, or research agendas—that is, without modifying our scientific culture. This approach is not the best one. For several reasons, we need explicit and directed change in our overall research and educational methodologies: Perhaps the most significant reason for explicit and directed change in the 21st century, however, is our emerging understanding that science and scientists must address societal needs and questions in new, wide-ranging, and synthetic ways. Professionals should include a concept of the contribution of their research to societal needs as part of their research design, and students should be trained throughout their education to include such a concept in their value systems


April 15 @ 08:00
April 16 @ 17:00