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Chemistry vs. bacteria, # 21. Still no kilo available

Seaplane. National Air and Space Museum.

Because of war conditions, Florey doesn’t succeed in securing more money or means for his project of scaling up penicillin production. He thinks that for the time being, having one kilo at hand would satisfy all his needs. He will have to use 5.000 m3 of fermentation broth in order to produce that. There is

Bioweapons and super soldiers, genetic technology for warfare

Chemistry vs. bacteria, # 17. The Oxford team

Solar and wind energy: increasing recognition

Towards net zero carbon emissions

Chemistry vs. bacteria, # 16. The Sulfas have the upper hand

Marijuana: what we know and don’t now

Chemistry vs. antibiotics, # 15. Historic antibacterial agents

Good prospects for alternative leathers

Chemistry vs. bacteria, # 14. Riddles and coincidence

The power of subtlety

Chemistry vs. bacteria, # 13. November 1921 and September 1928

Gene transfer, a new mechanism

Chemistry vs. bacteria, # 12. Lessons learned

Seaweed as a source of food and useful compounds

Chemistry vs. bacteria, # 11. Pride comes before a fall

Forest gardening – producing food in biodiversity

Chemistry vs. bacteria, # 10. International recognition

Pitfalls in nuclear energy risk analysis

Chemistry vs. bacteria, # 9. In the crossfire

Chemistry vs. bacteria, # 8. The success of the sulfas; with a black rim

A transition that makes use of existing energy infrastructure

Chemistry vs. bacteria, episode 7. Aspirin

CO2 utilization, a growth sector

Who are we? The microbiome revisted

Chemistry vs. bacteria, episode 6. Gerhard Domagk and Prontosil, the first sulfa drug

Wooden windows

100 years of chemistry vs. bacteria, episode 5. A colourful foreplay

Chemicals and materials industry needs to innovate

Cheap energy storage speeds up

100 years of chemistry vs. bacteria, episode 4. The rise of chemistry

100 years of chemistry vs. bacteria, episode 3. Mercurochrome, Ehrlich’s chemotherapy the American way

Renewables versus nuclear – a choice already made

Energy policy: don’t just choose low-carbon – create a new energy system

100 years of chemistry vs. bacteria, episode 2. Paul Ehrlich, Salvarsan and chemotherapy

100 years of chemistry vs. bacteria, episode 1. Louis Pasteur vs. Robert Koch

The 100 year war between chemistry and bacteria, in 100 episodes