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Timber, the old and new construction material

A solution to the Sargassum problem

Plant biostimulation, a new chapter in agriculture

Antibiotics resistance, and how to overcome it

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Fast and slow revolutions

The solutions are here!

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Vegan leather for sustainable fashion

Energy autarky more difficult than expected

EASAC: burning biomass often doesn’t reduce CO2 emissions

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Battery technology in fast development

Performance and sustainability, drivers of demand for biobased chemicals

Food loss and waste to be reduced by better management and new technologies

From solar panel monoculture to multiple land use

Scale issues in the energy transition

The potential of bio waste in Europe

In memory of Wijnand Schonewille

Resilience versus efficiency

PHAs on the rise: for the first time, demand outstrips supply

Methane pyrolysis turns a grey resource into a green one

Renewable energy imports

Nature as a guiding principle

European generic medicines production after corona

Biomedicines are coming

New superpowers in the pharmaceutical industry?

Has big pharma lost track?

Sustainable biomass: a subject fraught with conflict

Consequences of the Novacene

Corona pandemic and energy transition

Manifesto ‘Waltzing with Nature’

Directed evolution: a Nobel prize winning innovation

Sustainability is crucial for success, says Lux Research

Sustainable farming: a few development pathways

Mycelium as a construction material

Don’t waste the corona crisis

Seafood from the lab – will consumers like it?

Covid-19: take care of each other

Traditional Chinese medicine as a source of innovation

Biobased aromatics: Europe leads the way

Plastic recycling: many technologies available, no winner, says Lux Research

Insects: now it’s the time to cherish our little friends

Could reforestation stop climate change?

Circular economy: bio-plastics have an issue

Global warming: businessmen and central bankers come to the rescue

Let’s have a better look at job quality, says Dutch WRR

Nature as our teacher!

The energy transition is a digital transition too