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Sustainable industry has much potential

Book Green Growth presented to Dutch parliament

Panarchy, for a transition with less disruption

Naomi Klein: everyone will be affected

Biobased Press looks for new input

Insect biorefinery: it exists, it works

Investment in biobased materials and chemicals is on the rise, says Lux Research

Tina Sejersgård Fanø (Novozymes): we want to remain an innovation-based company

The plight of the innovative SME, the case of SeaLife Pharma


Trust is the basis of successful R&D

Biobased transition in Europe: how fast?

Industrial sugar: major opportunities for North-western Europe

Biobased materials in the motor car, part 2: biobased industry’s response

Biobased materials in the motor car, part 1: automotive industry’s demands

Wind energy in the Netherlands: the storm has not yet calmed down

Brazil too, starts production of second generation bioethanol

Community and technology development with social media

Sugar, Europe’s strength

Meat is fine! No problem for world food supply, says Rudy Rabbinge

Versalis converts petrochemical plant into biorefinery

Opportunities for biobased butadiene

Wood fibres stronger than steel

Energy storage: the necessary supplement to sustainable energy sources

Tyre recycling by devulcanisation

Cooperatives essential for the biobased economy, says Yvon Le Henaff

Energy neutral instead of shale gas free

Biomass Course, ten times successful

EuroBioRef: what future for a major European R&D project?

Trend: green cosmetics

Claude Roy: tackle global problems by valorisation of biomass

Valorise flower bulbs

Logical mistakes on CO2

Glocal project: Ecover’s experiment on Mallorca

Towards an ambitious Europe

Girlsday: a larger role for women in the biobased economy

Solar cells: Europe can regain position

Circular economy: recycling agricultural and food waste

Large-scale deployment of solar power requires another energy system, says Wim Sinke (ECN)

Sustainable: tenable or degradable?

Ecover: it is all about sustainability

Biobased chemicals: European share to drop sharply

Toxic substances in food packaging – an opportunity for bioplastics?

Paper and pulp industry needs biorefinery, says Michiel Adriaanse

SkyNRG for sustainable jet fuel

Biobased Society becomes Bio Based Press

Design rules for the biobased industry #4: elegance is beautiful

Design rules for the biobased industry, #3: preserve structure

Elon Musk and a lot of batteries

Anton Robek (DSM): biobased needs to start simple and learn fast

Design rules for the biobased industry, #2: be lean on materials flows

European Union biased on biobased

Design rules for the biobased industry, #1: reduce capital costs and create jobs

Glycix, the biodegradable thermoset polymer that will conquer the world

Pier Vellinga (Wageningen UR): sustainability is cost-effective, and has an emancipatory power

Pharmafilter’s sustainable hospital waste processing system now commercially available

Peak gas

Thistle biorefinery to reinforce Sardinian economy

Green chemistry, rather than green energy

Innovation: the state bears the risk, companies reap the benefits

Almost until the very end

In the middle of the ‘mother of all transitions’