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Betaprocess: acceleration of fermentation by vacuum extrusion

Europe hesitates and lags behind

The entire potato

Green economy to overcome the crisis

It does not work

Long live Europe, trend 7: Europe was, is and will remain one of the most important producers of scientific knowledge in the world

Shale gas is responsible for a gas price seven times as low in the US as in Europe

Long live Europe, conclusion: think global, act local

Green economy, a liberal debate

European Commission takes a closer look at the regions

Bioplastics from carbon dioxide, new and biodegradable

The carbon dioxide economy, the next revolution in chemistry

China might master artificial photosynthesis and artificial meat within five years

Rein Willems, outgoing chairman of Dutch Topsector Chemistry

Jos Keurentjes (AkzoNobel): green base chemicals production to slow down because of shale gas

Long live Europe, trend 6: small-scale energy systems

Gunter Pauli and the ‘Blue Economy’

Industrial Biotech power players to give snapshot of global bioeconomy development at EFIB 2012

A sustainability festival

Lars Hansen (Novozymes): Europe should synchronize its policy and funding

Novozymes: sugar will become the new oil