Lignin makes a take-off across the board, says Ludo Diels (Vito)

Systems thinking is not our forte

Biobased polymers too have long lead times, says Jan Ravenstijn

Universities of Applied Sciences important for the biobased economy, says Han van Osch

Rudy Rabbinge: genetic modification has much potential but also entails risks for world food supply and the environment

Leon Mur: plant ingredients have much potential

Strong biobased supply chain will trigger the 21st century innovation wave, says Daan Dijk (Rabobank)

Andy Shafer (Elevance), producer of biobased product award winner

Stefano Facco (Novamont): locally based and careful biorefineries have the future

Ton Runneboom: major role for Europe in biobased chemical industry

Tina Sejersgård Fanø (Novozymes): we want to remain an innovation-based company

Meat is fine! No problem for world food supply, says Rudy Rabbinge

Energy storage: the necessary supplement to sustainable energy sources

Cooperatives essential for the biobased economy, says Yvon Le Henaff

Claude Roy: tackle global problems by valorisation of biomass

Large-scale deployment of solar power requires another energy system, says Wim Sinke (ECN)

Paper and pulp industry needs biorefinery, says Michiel Adriaanse

Anton Robek (DSM): biobased needs to start simple and learn fast

Pier Vellinga (Wageningen UR): sustainability is cost-effective, and has an emancipatory power

Rob Baan (Koppert Cress): Horticulture should be more innovative

Joe Ross (Biorenewables Development Centre): businesses can work with us to start straight away

Michiel Keyzer: ‘Biofuel mandates favour incumbent interests’

Jan van Hest: ‘Synthetic biology and chemical biology develop common ground’

Jan Noordegraaf (Synbra): government do your job, impose taxes!

Emmo Meijer: society has lost the conviction that science is the motor of progress

Willem Sederel: do not hype the biobased economy

Marc Verbruggen (Natureworks): ‘Europe has the sugar beet, the best crop for biopolymers, but does not use it.’

Johan Sanders: counteract inefficiency in biobased economy development

Steve Hartig (POET-DSM): Europe develops the knowledge, the US builds the factories

Jip Lenstra: ocean farming is promising

Cold recovery of potato proteins, a wonderful innovation

Ton Runneboom: industrial sugar might be a breakthrough for the biobased economy

Patricia Osseweijer: infrastructure is important for sustainability

Huub de Groot: artificial photosynthesis is going to be the backbone of energy supply

Jan Rotmans: much creativity in the transition towards the biobased economy

BioAmber: the success of open innovation and partnering

Biofuels without agro

Staatsbosbeheer: wood is competitive

Jos Keurentjes (AkzoNobel): green base chemicals production to slow down because of shale gas

Lars Hansen (Novozymes): Europe should synchronize its policy and funding

Mark Bünger (Lux Research): as yet many questions, few answers in the biobased economy

DSM, a smart player in the biobased economy

Europe’s bioeconomy: this year is decisive

Ruud Lubbers: Rotterdam is going to be the biohub for North-western Europe

Marcel Wubbolts: DSM is the first in second generation biobased

Cosun and the unbeatable beet

Annita Westenbroek: biorefinery is at the heart of the biobased economy

Jos Keurentjes: at AkzoNobel, sustainability is our license to operate

Lubbert Dijkhuizen, a man of many research projects

Johan Sanders: efficient use of biomass is the key

Biorefinery, a new model for farmer’s incomes

Enzymatic polymerisation. New!

Biogas: the logic behind our process is strong as iron, says BioSys Group

Bioclear: we concentrate on the niche of the biological solution